Shell script to create database & database user interactively

When you manage multiple sites, you find yourself in need of having a tool/command line script to quickly create database.

Due to the fact that we often create 1 database user <-> 1 database, for the sake of convenience and security, so the needed script will:

  • Create database
  • Create database user
  • Grant privileges
  • (Optional, needed) Flush privileges

I decided that Shell script is the most suitable for my need, and wrote my own script that is capable for whole of my needs:


#Ask user to enter database name and save input to dbname variable
read -p "Please Enter Database Name:" dbname

#Create database

#if database exist:
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then

#ask user about username
read -p "Please enter the username you wish to create : " username

#ask user about allowed hostname
read -p "Please Enter Host To Allow Access Eg: %,ip or hostname : " host

#ask user about password
read -p "Please Enter the Password for New User ($username) : " password

#mysql query that will create new user, grant privileges on database with entered password
Q2="GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON $dbname.* TO $username@'$host' IDENTIFIED BY '$password';"

# Flush privileges

QUERY="${Q1} ${Q2} ${Q3}"

#ask user to confirm all entered data
read -p "Executing Query : $QUERY , Please Confirm (y/n) : " confirm

#if user confims then
if [ "$confirm" == 'y' ]; then

#run query
mysql -u root -p -e "$QUERY"


$ ./

Full & updated shell script can be found here

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