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As I wrote in this article before, we manage development project with Scrum style. But I think there is not ‘correct way’ in project management style even although Scrum has some best practices and it must be optimized to fit our organization.

In this article, I’ll show the result of manager meeting in order to improve the efficiency of our Scrum style.


Problems related to Scrum in our organization

I summarize problems that we have in our organization because any method to improve something should be solutions against problems.

  • Lots of new members join us in short term
  • It was getting longer to take daily scrum meeting because some members often discuss about concrete solutions against problems
  • A little difficult understand the goal for each day and whether or not they could achieve their tasks
  • No discussion how we can catch up the delay  if someone couldn’t achieve their tasks for this day



For more efficient daily scrum meeting

Let all members to understand the purpose of daily scrum meeting

  • Team leader explain the purpose to new members when he/she joins us
  • Take exam to check the level of understanding rule of Scrum to members once a month


Take weekly meeting in order to check entire progress

  • Take it on Friday with all members as another contents


To clarify the goal of each members in daily meeting

  • Each members should report a ‘goal‘ for today separated within 8 hours
  • Don’t allow the report that manager can’t judge whether each members complete it or not


To catch up the delay

  • Discuss with Scrum master and manager just after evening meeting and don’t leave it
  • Each members apply for overtime if they need and managers judge whether he/she needs



For more efficient sprint planning and review meeting

Sprint planning meeting

  • Each tickets are also posted to be within 8 hours


Review meeting

  • Report or decision of review meeting should include concrete and actual way to execute
  • Each members can suggest solutions as an opinion in order to improve the other member’s performance



For more efficient Scrum team itself

Share more technical issues

  • Take time to post wiki and blog to share technical issues for half or one day just after we complete one project


Make method that any members can fix bugs or apply tickets

  • Prepare for the environment so that any members can review source code


Thank you for reading my article!
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